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 + List of Things You Can't Suggest +

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Sakura Haruno
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Signer Admin
Sakura Haruno

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+ List of Things You Can't Suggest + Empty
PostSubject: + List of Things You Can't Suggest +   + List of Things You Can't Suggest + Icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 8:49 am

Basically, this is like a list of things that shouldn't be asked for.

1. Card Maker

I already know that we need one, so no need to keep asking. In the meantime, just use YCM, Magic Set Editor or the templates in Resources.

2. A way to see who repped you

Basically, the rep system here works on the exact same principle as the new YCM. This is something I can't handle at the moment.

3. Certain members to be promoted/demoted

I'll decide that, ok.

4. Level stars/skin

I know that it's a bit hard to see on this one, so I'm working on a nice light one like our old one used to be.

5. Extra generators

Basically, don't ask for MyBannerMaker or Pokemon Card Maker generators to be installed. They will consume a lot of space on the forum and will make forum "surfing" a lot longer.

6. New forums

If it covers a broad topic, I'll add it. If not, won't be added.

7. Having an online duel server

Just use Dueling Network, YN, KCVDS, etc. for now. If you need to find a match, use the forum at the bottom of Yugioh forum

8. Joke Cards as their own forum

Basically falls under number 6.

Joke Cards will be made as a sticky thread inside of AoC; that's all.

9. Online trading system

I am not responsible if you guys get ripped off on trades. Therefore, use Pojo or wherever else supports it.

10. Inactive accounts

Just don't ask for someone that's been inactive to be deleted. They probably have their reasons for not logging in. If they don't log in within 2 months, I'll deal with it myself.

11. Pointless things

I don't know why I added this rule, since I'm sure you all have the sense to not post things that are ridiculous (i.e. Make a spammer into an admin, etc.). Topics like these will either be moved to Trash Forums or deleted depending on circumstances

- - Things that can't be done - -

13. Private warn system

I know a lot of you don't want your warning level to be public to other members (believe me, I don't like it either), but for the time being, we have to use the RPG system for Warning Levels. This is something that is out of my control.

14. Private point donations

Same as above, we can't do it and at the moment, only me or the other admins can manage your donations. Although this would be easier to donate without having to wait, it's something we'll all have to deal with.

15. Private messaging stats

The limit's at 50 each way (inbox and outbox, for a total of 100 messages). I can't make it any higher than this, so once you hit that limit, delete some old ones or just do it over PM or on any other websites you know each other on (i.e. YCM, HD). Or simply use the chatbox if whatever you need to talk about is okay for the entire forum to see.

And on your profile, it does show how many messages you got to the entire forum. I can't do anything about this part either as it is programmed into the system. But just consider it as a little warning to others that your PM box is filling up.

Any questions, ask me here.
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+ List of Things You Can't Suggest +
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