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PostSubject: || Video Games Rules ||   || Video Games Rules || Icon_minitimeMon Aug 22, 2011 6:08 am

The below rules are quoted from Flame Dragon on YCM.

Quote :

1) Two kinds of Discussion Threads.
Group A: The first kind are for smaller franchises. These kinds of discussion threads will be the only threads allowed for that franchise. Smaller franchise don’t have much about them, and as such other threads really won’t be needed. Examples of these kinds of franchises are Smash, Pikmin, and Gears of War.
Group B: The second kind, as one can assume, are for larger franchises. Since these are large franchises there is a lot to cover about them and so it will be hard to cover everything about it in one thread. As such the more general discussion about the franchise as a whole will take place in the discussion thread, and discussion about the games themselves will be saved for other threads. The Pokemon thread was made along these rules.

Official Discussion thread will generally only be made when I find their to be a need for them. When we have a few more, I plan I making another thread listing all official discussions.

2) No comparison threads, or what is your favorite game/worse game.
These thread generate no real discussion and don’t serve much of a point. If you wish to make these kinds of threads, please do so in polls.

3) Spoilers. (Thank you J-Max for pointing this one out)
Unless it is about a game that is several years old and something that most people have played, if your saying something that might spoil the game for some one, use spoilers, that is why they are their. If you break this rule you will get a 10 to 20% warn. The level depends on how much of a spoiler it is. Most times it will be a 10%, but major one it will be a 20%.

4) No battle request thread
Even if it is common sense that this is against the rules since we already have a thread for these kinds of things, I think I'll add this here as well since some people don't have common sense. Also, on side note while you can not make have battle request thread, you may still host your own tournaments. I'm adding this in case people thought otherwise.

5) No Game Download Threads
These kind of threads are considered piracy and fraud and any threads like this will be locked and net you a 60% warn. On a side note you can still make download threads if it is for a fan made game and/or one that you have made. This goes for anything that may promot pircay.

6) Gamefaqs Clause
Any thread that asks something that can simply be found on Gamefaqs will be locked. Same goes for threads that posts things that can be found on gamefaqs.

7) Unconfirmed Games
If their is no confirmation on a game then don't make a thread for it.

Cool No poll type threads.
While rule 2 covers some polls it doesn't cover all. Threads for things like fav character, fav moves, fav anything should be in polls.

9) Console War
Please keep these agruments in threads made for them. Any one breaking this rule will get a 20% warn.

10) Review Threads
We have had a LOT of these in the past month and I haven't found any to be that good, and so I'm making some requirements for review threads.
1) You need some kind of scale. I don't care if it's x/5, x/10 or letter grades, you need something.
2) You need to have it organized into sections for various things. The main things will be: graphics, game play, music, and difficulty. You aren't limited to these things and so you can have, and I recommend, having things for stuff like multiplayer (if it has), the controls, and what are some important things about the game (in a fighter it would be characters, in an FPS it would be the weapons).
3) Length is very important for with out it it will be a bland a bad review. I'd say about one paragraph per section would be a good minimum, but the more the better.

Any thread that doesn't meet these requirements will be locked. For said thread to be unlocked the TC must pm me a new vesion of the review. If it meets the requirements I'll reopen the thread. (and no I won't lock for for point 1, but I will say that some scale needs to be added).

Any adjustments, ask here.
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|| Video Games Rules ||
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