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Sakura Haruno
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PostSubject: + RP Rules +   + RP Rules + Icon_minitimeMon Aug 22, 2011 5:51 am

General Rules

All site rules apply here as well as the separate subforum rules.

Threads and Roleplays

Only 1 thread for your RP's current "goal". If you wish to continue your RP with a new goal, you may make a new thread for it just as long as it doesn't resemble the old one. If you need it locked, feel free to ask the RP Mods or me to lock them for you.

You can have as many RPs running as you desire, but be reasonable and don't make 100 RPs if you can't keep up with them. You can also be in unlimited RPs as well, but make sure you can keep up with them.


Not all RPs are suitable for everyone here. Therefore, all RPs are REQUIRED to be marked at all times.

If your roleplay includes mild swearing, a degree of graphical violence, or mild sexual content, it is better placed as a PG-13.

If your roleplay includes harsh language, strong graphical violence, or a higher degree of sexual content, it is classified as PG-16.

M-Rated roleplays, including gore, graphical violence or extreme sexual content should not be here because we have members under age 18.

God Modding

God Modding is, for short, when a player does something she isn't allowed to do. This might include:

1) Controlling other player's characters, given that they don't have a permission.
2) Controlling NPC's, characters normally controlled by the host.
3) Controlling battle, rendering yourself invulnerable and one-shotting all your opponents.
4) Have amazing luck.
5) Creating NPCs to improve your own character's strength.

Late Applications

If you wish to join a roleplay after it has started, contact the host via PM or use the planning thread if applicable. Do not post in the IC thread; this tends to annoy people.

Post Value

Make your post worth as much as possible. As a rule of thumb, at least 3-4 lines with well-structured sentences (at standard size).

Advanced Roleplaying

On this site, we will be doing the Tag System. Which means that you can either (1) RP the way you want to [BASIC] or (2) Stay strict to the Advanced Clause [ADVANCED]. For now, just put what tag your RP falls under until there's enough demand for a separate forum.

Proper dialogue

Don't use script format in here because it tends to make the RP dull. You may use descriptions of the character's actions.

(Note that this is just the YCM RP Guidelines, except I rephrased it and changed some things to make it more enjoyable)

If needed, more will be added.

Any questions, feel free to PM me or the RP mods. Or just post in here to ask. [/color]

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