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Sakura Haruno
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Sakura Haruno

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PostSubject: + Sakura's Rulebook +   + Sakura's Rulebook + Icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 4:45 am

1. No illegal/explicit content

Many of us are under the age of 18, and since this is also in the Forumotion Terms of Service, no nudity is allowed. Whether this will include anything related to Naruto Sexy Jutsu images is unknown, but for now, try to avoid them at the moment. Anything related to hacks, warez, serials, etc. (inappropriate material outlined in the TOS) will be deleted and you'll be banned on the spot. This rule also includes having inappropriate avatar pics. If you are caught with one, it'll be deleted immediately and a 30% warn will be given.

2. No flaming and/or trolling on this site.

Just be respectful of others and their feelings. If a flame war breaks out, there will be a severe penalty for it. Multiple violations of this rule may result in a long-term warn/ban depending on the moderator that hands it down.

3. Do not ask to be a moderator/super moderator.

I will add you when I see that you deserve to be one or if one of the current mods recommend you.

4. No multiple accounting

You only need one (1) account to enjoy our forums, so don't make another one except if (1) your account has been hacked or being abused by another user or (2) you forgot your password and can't retrieve the new one. If you are going to let your friends/relatives/neighbors, etc. register an account on the same computer you use, let me know so I won't think you are making multiple accounts.

5. No inappropriate usernames

Simple. Don't make a username with a cuss word in it. If that does happen however, I will edit it without warning.

6. No heavy swearing

To an extent, mild swearing is permitted however you are required to censor the words. This also means no using any cuss word with the big f-word in it. Basically don't use any cuss words beyond the d-word. If you forget, the automatic filter will catch it. And don't try to cheat the filters.

7. No arguing with the staff

Remember that they have the power to ban/warn you if necessary. If you disagree with their decisions, bring it to their attention in a calm and civilized way. Or otherwise, bring it to my attention and I'll see what the problem is.

8. Racial Discrimination

Racial slurs or any form of harassment targeted at another race/ethnic group is prohibited.

9. No threatening or promoting terrorism

Breaking this rule will result in an instant account deletion and IP Ban. No questions asked

10. No mini-moderating

Quote :

This includes demanding that a user delete his/her post and/or getting the thread locked (e.g. "Delete your post!", "This thread should be locked."). Any action where the user attempts to take over for a mod (including any variation of "I'd rate this ___, if I could!") anywhere on a sub-forum without explicit permission may be considered mini-modding.

This is especially true when the user only posts to do so. If someone has posted in a forum where it might be hard to determine what topic belongs there, post with advice addressing the question and suggesting (Note: NOT demanding) that the user post in the appropriately named forum.

Posting in a particularly troublesome thread will likely get you into as much trouble as other users. The best way to take care of rule violations is to PM a mod. Only PM the mods once per violation. It is the responsibility of the mods and the sub-mod groups to enforce the rules. Please make sure to PM the correct person in the sub-mod groups, as they can only moderate in specific boards and are not global moderators. Please do not hinder them by posting in threads that need moderator action. It only serves to revive the thread and create even more of a hassle.

Additionally, if someone has already posted proper advice on where to post, do not post the same advice worded in a different way, or posting "Member X is right!" or other statements along those lines.

11. No spamming

Multiple posting and bumping are not considering spamming, provided it is not done in excess (i.e. bumping every 5 minutes, etc.)

NOTE: Posting "+1 post count" or other internet memes may be considered spamming and as such receive a +2 or +5 warn, depending on whether the moderator classifies it as Mild or Intentional. If you own a club that is dedicated to them, then it is acceptable

12. No raids or any attempted overthrows

ANY violation of this rule will result in an immediate IP Ban/account deletion.

13. No harassing others

Pretty much incorporates rule 2 and 7. This includes making others feel bad and profit from it, attempting to slander other people, impersonating a moderator, etc.

14. Take care of your account at ALL times

Keep in mind that anything done using your account WILL be considered if you have done it yourself, even if you didn't actually do it. But we'll check the IPs to see if it's being done from another location. Then, I can just ban the offending IP and you won't get banned. In the event of a suspected hack, PM me the details and I'll report it to Forumotion as soon as I get on.

15. Advertising

NO advertising of real-life products/businesses (includes Wall Street, eBay or some other exchange companies/corporations) without getting the approval of 1 of the Administrators/Super Moderators. We are not Wall Street, please remember that. Any link not approved will be removed without warning and may result in a warn level raise depending on circumstances. Advertising your own websites is allowed, provided that it does not contain illegal content. Just don't advertise it anywhere except in the Affiliates forum (but only use it if you wish to affiliate your site with ours).

Advertising products in a thread can be a bannable offense, depending on the section/moderator that handles it

16. Moderators have final say

If a staff member bans a user, it is for a good reason. You are free to ask them why, but they are not obligated to tell you why as it is between them and the banned member. However, they are free to tell you via PM/IM if they feel like doing so. DO NOT put it up as a thread because it will be locked.

17. CnCing

Just be mild about this.
I know that Cnc = constructive criticism, but don't be a jerk and flatly tell a user "This sucks" or something along those lines. Instead, give them improvements that they can use. You are allowed to say "this is not very good" or "this needs a lot of work" (or something along those lines), but do not post stuff like "this is junk, who taught you how to make this" because that is warnable.

Of course, if a user says that they'd like all the harshest Cnc possible, then by all means, go ahead. But ONLY use it for those members that request it.

18. Signatures

Section A - Content

As stated in rule 15, no advertising real life businesses/corporations without getting prior approval from me. Links to your own site are allowed, provided they aren't leading to any rick rolls, trick links or illegal content

Section B - Sizes
I know a lot of you like to have big signatures, but do keep in mind that a lot of users have small screens so it increases their loading time. Basically, please keep your sigs at least 12'' (width) x 9'' (height) if you don't want to use spoilers. If you put spoilers, it will not matter how long you want to make it. Keep in mind that the moderators can change your sig if it's too big. They should send you a PM if they want you to put it in spoilers.

19. Repetitive swearing/abusive messages are grounds for an IP Ban

Basically, this coincides with rules 2 and 6. I have decided to bring up this issue after this was posted on YCM. I want to make it clear that I will not stand for this kind of behavior here. The first offense will give you a perma-ban. The second will result in an IP Ban if you use another account.

20. Release of information

It is forbidden to post other user's personal info (including their place of residence, private information or other such things without the consent of the user in question.

21. Other Rule

If one of the staff members tells you to stop/do something, then follow what they say. There is an infinite number of rules out there and I can't post them all. So basically, just do what they say and if you disagree with their rulings, come see me and I'll sort it out.

22. Attachments

The only ruling on this will be that these will only be used for uploading document files. Cards should only be used as attachments if the card maker is down and you cannot retrieve the IMG code. But otherwise, just upload them to Photobucket/Tinypic and you'll be OK. (We have a very limited amount of storage for them, so please don't waste it)

23. Whining

To put this simply, this rule was added in response to this thread. Depending on circumstances, you may get a medium-to-high warn level from the moderators. Honestly, if you have issues with something, bring it up with the mod in charge of that section. Don't post a thread about it!

24. Misleading Titles

You can use random titles, but cannot be inappropriate.

25. PM Abuse

Do not spam other member's inboxes. Now I can't see what you send to other members, but if you happen to be the victim of PM abuse, send either one of the admin a PM containing the content of that message and the user's name. We'll warn them and if it escalates to that point, strip their PM privileges.

26. Individual forum rules

Just follow the specific forum rules for individual forums. Remember that the mods for each forum don't all operate on the same guidelines I do.

Remember, feel free to ask if you need any clarification on the rules.
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+ Sakura's Rulebook +
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